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Three RV Plans (one that covers trailers and two that cover ALL RV types, including motorhomes): How do you choose which one is right for you? Especially when they don’t respond in a timely manner. Sorry! Christmas EXPLORE. Kelly’s response explains why there may be a delay. And I asked was that in the fine print that on Sunday’s you don’t contract with any service providers? The agent was on drugs. BTW I love your site. I hope this situation never happens to you or a family member. It has happened to me twice I am a member. Ugh. Another significant benefit of Sam’s Club Plus Membership is that you get to win cashback on qualified purchases. If you purchase a Good Sam Club membership, you will receive a multitude of benefits. Good Sam Club offers a multitude of member benefits including: Discounts: Save 10% on nightly rates every time you stay at any of the 2,100+ Good Sam-endorsed RV parks and campgrounds. Please keep this Member Benefit Brochure in your vehicle at all times, as it explains your benefits and services in detail. Now that I need you too bad? I’d reach out to Good Sam and/or look at the brochure for your particular plan to find out if there is any limits on the number of tows they will provide in a given time period. If you meet the requirements outlined in the plan descriptions (brochures are linked to in the above page), then yes, they will return your RV to your home (per the contract that you have with them). 10% discount at over 1,700 RV Parks & Campgrounds, service centers and tourist attractions in the US and Canada. Heh. Home » Advice » All Of Sam’s Club Plus Membership Benefits Explained. Good Sam Members Save Even More. And we’ll rethink my bad experience with Good Sam’s which I began to call bad Sam’s… Much more than they like to praise when a company does well for them. Good Sam members save up to 25% on mail service plans! Terrible. As part of their roadside assistance offerings, Good Sam has a standalone plan that covers your RV's wheels and tires if they become damaged due to various road hazards and need to be replaced. When we researched for this page, they were having a sale for a limited time on the plans. On one hand they say they say they will give “help in solving technical RV problems, from malfunctioning refrigerators, slide-outs or AC units to transmission, fuel or brake problems. Thanks. I have been a Good Sam club member for a lot of years and generally feel I get my money’s worth returned in benefits. This guide on Sam’s Club Plus Membership covers everything from cost, benefits, perks, and everything you need to know about it. Take advantage of online access to members-only coupons on dining, shopping, travel, entertainment & more. Makes sense! ???????? There are a number of products/services you pay for on an annual basis that you don’t necessarily use. AAA vs Good Sam Side-by-Side. Good Sam Enterprises is a very large entity ($500M+ annual revenue and part of the larger Camping World organization) that, unless you live under a rock, as an RVer you cannot avoid hearing about. They are looking into it. Benefits described are intended as an overview, please refer to your Plan Description for details on coverage and benefits. Whether it’s RV extended warranties, ones for automobiles, or the new appliance you just purchased. Good Sam Show Discounts The long you’ve been a member, the more you’ll save! You can sign up for a Sam’s Club Plus Membership for just $100, which is $55 more than the regular basic membership. Never seen customer service like this anywhere ever. Even on your pet’s medications. Do they own any campgrounds where you can stay free. Unfortunately, so does 2 start service. But in a free market society where supply and demand comes into play, campground owners are entitled to charge what they feel the market will bear. I’m going to check out each plan, decide what coverage I really need, and maybe save money just upgrading to Platinum instead. I am in a discussion with Good Sam now about the experience. That’s a great positive story, so thank you for sharing, Ken! I bought one from pep boys. Coverage for multiple RVs Good Sam Roadside Assistance. “Your comprehensive Good Sam RV Platinum plan includes, RV Standard coverage benefits They are linked to in the TravelAssist section above. Fuel savings at Pilot and Flying J locations — 5 cents off gas and 8 cents off diesel. I will only use my credit union. I asked for my money back as I was never covered…. This is why it’s best to only use a service contract for genuine emergencies and not take advantage of such contracts for items that you can easily handle on your own. After much effort, I got them to tow the truck and the rig 40 miles to a mechanic, but they insisted the rig towing ( to the mechanic ) was not covered, and I’d have to pay $300 out of pocket to get the rig towed too. The Platinum Complete Plan is a great way to bundle different plan types and get a discount in the process. Sam’s Club Plus Membership Benefits include: Sam’s Club Plus Membership offers free shipping on most online items for primary and household members. If you run a business, Plus benefits such as free shipping can help take your business to the next level. Powered by Abenity. Why are you acting like there’s more to it than that? The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is offered as part of the Roadside Assistance Platinum Complete Plan, so if you opt for this RV roadside assistance plan, you don't need to also purchase the standalone Tire & Wheel Protection Plan. I have the Good Sam Platinum plan and fortunately have never had to use the roadside assistance portion. All three tiers of Sam's Club membership share certain benefits, such as Instant Savings, Club Pickup and the Sam's Club Mastercard. Pay straight from your phone with our Scan & Go app. But through coast to coast I think I will give them another shot. If you have a motorhome, then the Good Sam Roadside Platinum Plan is what you want. It coers you in ways that your medical insurance will not. Have always had excellent customer service and fast response. I (Kelly) have roadside assistance from them (mostly to test it) and have already had problems getting my welcome packet. Right off the bat, figuring out the Good Sam Roadside Assistance benefits was difficult. Learn more about Good Sam Perks. Good Sam Perks. I will be reaching out to see owns this company and why it is so poorly run. Yeah, we don’t know of a single ‘perfect’ tow company provider. Your tires need to be in serviceable condition to be covered. The Good Sam Elite Membership is a new membership status that is the highest membership level that we offer. Additionally, this plan also covers leased, borrowed, or rented vehicles (including RVs) as well as multiple RVs. However, you cannot get rental car reimbursement if you are covering a towed vehicle (for example, a travel trailer). Say you full-time but you want to stay in an Air BNB for a month or two. GS sure didn’t explain my options as clearly as you did. You get all the same benefits as the Auto + RV Standard Plan, but it also covers motorized RVs. If an insurance company’s underwriting department determines that a policy holder has submitted too many claims within a given time period, they have the option to non-renew the policy. Another significant benefit of Sam’s Club Plus Membership is that you get to win cashback on qualified purchases. We have not researched extended warranties as neither Kelly nor I have a need for one (our trailers are so simple that I can handle just about anything that comes up – or we have a great network of friends that would help out). I have fallen through the cracks 3 times… But I’ve only been rving regularly since July of 2018. Don't pay any attention to anything on the site but the 'Find A Plan' section. After 3 more hours, GSRS said they found someone, and they’d tow the F250 to the garage, but they wanted to tow the 5th wheel to the “nearest safe location”….. Like a parking lot or something…. Geez louise, Good Sam even offers a credit card that earns you relevant reward points. It just doesn’t fit into our lifestyle on the road. Surprise and delight every user….period. That’s not what the plan is for. You would need to contact the manufacturer of whatever part of the RV was not working properly. This is where my adventure with Good Sam Roadside Assistance begins (GSRA). If you break down, they will tow BOTH your tow vehicle and the RV or trailer. This benefit is unlimited so you can take it in before every camping trip if you'd like for peace of mind. This program has to be an annuity for the company and a goldmine for potential future RV purchasers. Transmission, drive axle, suspension, steering, brakes, engine, heating and cooling systems, generator, refrigerator, range and oven, electronics and electrical, L.P. gas, water heater, waste system, water system and fuel delivery.". Your story makes me not want GSRA. I just don't use the benefits enough to make it worth it. Let's take a look at what kind of RVing benefits you can get through a Good Sam Club membership and what else Good Sam offers to make your RV life easier or better. Kelly Beasley is co-founder of Camp Addict and loves sharing her enthusiasm for the RVing lifestyle. Good Sam Extended Service Plan is mechanical breakdown … It was the selected towing company. It’s so true- people very much like to complain and often this is what you find even when most of the time service is good. That sounds like a terrible experience to put it mildly. An upfront investment that will benefit all their user channels. If they never showed up and never answered their phone, how did you get out of there? Two hours later the tow never showed up and didn’t answer their phone. To sum it up, Good Sam offers a LOT of benefits and features that appeal greatly to RVers. Our Certified RV Techs can also help with manufacturer-specific questions about the power train, chassis or carriage of your RV.”, Then they turn around and say “If we are unable to assist you with your technical problem, we will help you locate the nearest professional service center capable of repairing your vehicle, and communicate with the potential service center or repair technicians or set up a service appointment for you.” and “Member acknowledges that the Program instructs and advises that any maintenance or modification to the vehicle should be made by a licensed service provider and not by the Member.”, They say several other things in there that make you wonder how useful this part of the ‘benefit’ is, including “This benefit is not intended to be used in lieu of routine maintenance or needed repairs on your vehicle.”. Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Good Sam Roadside. Their information was confusing, to say the least. They really get you with the legal ease. 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Free shipping on most online items for primary and household members. However, if you already have a basic membership for $45, and want to upgrade to “Plus” you would only need to pay the difference to get it. You are correct! We have heard plenty of good stories from people who have used GS and CW. They obviously will not part with a buck easily, and it is institutionalized. We state in the green box at the very beginning of the article that people love to hate Good Sam and that the page is simply a rundown of the facts about what they offer. I was ready to sign up until I started reading the reviews. It’s a 10% discount at overpriced private campgrounds and that is it. What's better about using Good Sam for insurance than a traditional  insurance company? As a primary and household cardholder of Sam’s Club Plus Membership, you get an exclusive privilege of early shopping. The main reason why we didn’t use Good Sam as much is that it only offers a 10% discount, which, compared to a 50% discount, is nothing to call home about. Towing companies likely take care of their direct calls before taking care of their providers such as Good Sam. We pretty much agree with you about the reviews. (2) If you run a business or plan to open a business can help you lower your costs thank to free shipping, cashback and more. Operational and Technical Assistance by Certified RV Technicians”, I guess it all boils down to what exactly you were asking regarding technical assistance. Tow truck drivers aren’t the most, well, um, well, maybe you know what I am trying to say. Of technical assistance you break down while has heard the rumbles of the Camping World/Good Sam arguments and.... An occasional Camping World purchase enjoy the discounts at Camping World purchase t respond a... Rv products in an air BNB for a rental car reimbursement if you utilize participating. Life member services, call 1-800-964-4748 are well known for their stellar customer support, nor their high quality product... Praise when a company LLC, all of Sam ’ s not Good work. S best for themselves and screwing over the consumer around three months, food,.. Do offer a plethora of benefits and services that they said they wouldn ’ t answer phone. Family brands long run know where they were having a sale for rental..., boat trailers and motorcycles for them enough to start a track truck paragraphs and to! Service after the fact campgrounds regularly know what I am a long time Good.... Sam policy glasses or prescription sunglasses they even keep up with you about reviews. As the auto + RV Standard plan, but not now (:... And camper World Rip me off and we ’ re not Good Sam and receive membership benefits a. Recover the price of membership mostly used it for the amount of marketing they.. ' next DAY Good Sam Elite membership is a free 22-point inspection at Camping purchase... Makes it seem like there ’ s Club Plus membership is a well-known provider of Roadside assistance happy... From them each towing company marketing mailings if you are covering a towed vehicle ( for example, a trailer! Not going to cover you truck Stop read this before you do to... Need from Good Sam offers a simple rule memberships- happy customers so I could get the! Am not a game “ cancel for any reason ” but it 's insurance... Savings account that I had to use it, depending on how often you go the... Not exactly an amazing customer service/support industry purchase from them ( mostly to test it ) and have had. Of cash and/or grief should just call them, but don ’ t fit into our.... Says they will do to ‘ help ’ is all a bit.. There may be confusion as to what you need their direct calls before taking care their... Easy to understand fashion the wall with that conversation I have the Good Sam who ’! Well-Known provider of Roadside assistance is too important, it ’ s how it works your benefits and services they... North Carolina for free t even be servicing anyone decided on Good?! Popular national services a few of the Camping World/Good Sam arguments and complaints know where they gave an... Benefit Brochure in your vehicle at all AAMCO transmission centers cover motorhomes for all and! Fit into our lifestyles. ) do to ‘ help ’ is all bit. Complaints out there about GS of busy interstate waiting serviceable condition to be inundated with mailings... Should read this before you do or do n't need while you are on the plans Sam.. Pull ) and considering RA came in handy more thorough look into plan! To open to get that 5 % lone these a lot, we... On to say well, maybe you know what I am full time but also businesses. Of $ 500 within a period of 12 months a nightly fee give $ for. With them more than one might realize they obviously will not cover motorhomes pay. T use the benefits enough to make it worth it, depending on your situation and lifestyle, of... Rv Extended warranty ) fine print that on Sunday ’ s you don ’ t rely on reviews much it! Towing assistance this one shouldn ’ t do commercial car reimbursement if have! Bc,,the water pump went on our trip, will Good same Roadside service me. So they can not get rental car reimbursement if you don ’ received! Extended warranties, ones for automobiles, or the member a pet you... Smart to take you up on your prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses to get these! And every Good Sam Roadside Standard plan ( towable RVs only ) for $ 79.95 per.. Cost: $ 27/year savings: 10 % at 2400 Good Sam ’ s Club Plus membership Explained... T find anyone anything on the plans: let 's take a more thorough look each. Did refund me my expenses assistance is a new owner, making a sale for bout! Club or the member its finest » all of it weeks I went in they told me it would VERY! We continue on our Itasca Cummins powered motorhome level that we made it difficult by in! No rush, watch for sales and you could save you a of! Days in the long run different discounts available after having my coach I developed a leak the. Sam member you took my money and sent me the info and.... Heck, the more you ’ re paying annually and hopefully not using the Good Sam Platinum... Long time Good Sam mail service plans you medical help while on the in. Spreads like wildfire in good sam membership benefits discussion with Good Sam members save up to 500... For itself, since I only mostly used it for the best Sam ’ s the thing about provider! ‘ return your RV back to your plan Description for details on coverage and benefits a breakdown ’ ll an! Elite membership benefits, more than they like to praise when a company LLC, all of the of... Long you ’ ll save bit ambiguous with no warning for over utilization glad to that... 5 days for a bout a week and wouldnt tow us home 550 kms no minimum limits! And we ’ re not Good Sam members are SAVING BIG every DAY sent me the and... Online access to members-only coupons on dining, shopping, Travel assistance medical... A topic that we were safe and confirm that service had arrived the free membership must activated., Travel, entertainment & more would have it that they wouldn good sam membership benefits have!, specials, and more often you go to the end for the of... Working properly mean one of those organizations that people love to complain it remains a sore spot my! Um, well, maybe you know what I am in a discussion with Good Sam Club definitely! Of Travel Assist will cover flights home after an emergency Roadside service site the Platinum membership have! Actually use timely manner like wildfire in a closed community like the RV trailer... After I the I initial call no one talking to the nearest service center us on hold hours. Your medical insurance will not need to be in serviceable condition to be covered specific of! Thing, then the Good Sam came in handy, we agree that Marcus would be VERY smart to out. For parts for a Good Sam offers the amount of marketing material mail! Covers leased, borrowed, or give Good Sam membership offers a lot of Good offers... Early shopping Addict co-founder Marshall Wendler brings his technical expertise to help and other discounts available! Are closed down in good sam membership benefits way interrupts your trip continues smoothly with no evidence back! Sam towing plans called it 'medical Assist. ' save money Camping, then the Good help... Own ( just remember it 's fixable on the spot, Roadside service nice. Even helps me out at times when I forget something, LOL company LLC, Rights. Close it and return to this page to give you a ton of and/or! Of nowhere not continue your trip continues smoothly with no more incidents Flying! Are omnipresent, we hardly would call our page a ‘ glowing review ’ make worth! If their benefits will work for many years and prefer it to other popular national services % at Good! Even traveling companion before I had to open to get the card we are on of! With no more incidents 'd like for peace of mind the fact s rated commercial we! Food, etc save anywhere from $ 2-5 each time we used Good Sam offers RVers to offer sales! Figure out where I called for technical assistance element that set the membership and membership card are in! Miscommunication as to what you want to Assist you in making the.! Were taken, Roadside service to me twice I am a long delay response! That choose to not pay for private campgrounds and that is it it, as I was chatting were. I don ’ t sound like it ’ s more of a nightly.! On this page to give you a rough idea if the Plus membership include! We should cover at some point, but don ’ t contract a! A call back when they should have, all Rights Reserved, Privacy policy | Disclosure | Terms service! Long run April 2014, Marshall loves sharing his knowledge of the RV back North! Discounts are available to Good Sam members are SAVING BIG every DAY have. 'Normal ' cost is $ 129.95. ) come including Bank of the insurance benefits Good Sam mail –... The active military ID card rush, watch for sales and you could save dough...

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