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The leader is a trusted aide of Qing Cang and Li Yuan’s mother comes from this clan too. Ye Hua throws his sword at the beast to take it down. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and… Yang Mi as Bai Qian is the nine-tailed fox from Qing Qiu, an immortal who fell from the hea… Bai Qian wants to fight it out with Qing Cang but Ye Hua pulls her back and refrains her. Dijun informs Su Ming that he will seclude himself after this and move to the mortal realm to give a chance to Feng Jiu to stay with him. They bump into Yan Zhi who brings them back to her place. Su Jin uses the copper mirror to speak of her relationship with Ye Hua which causes Su Su to doubt Ye Hua’s love for her. Invitations have been sent out and the purpose is to taunt the Celestial Tribe and instigate a war. Dijun and Si Ming notices Feng Jiu at the entrance of 9 Heavens and she quickly tells them what has happened. He starts a fire to rescue Su Su but it becomes uncontrollable. Nai Nai is worried but Bai Qian assures her that A Li is fine. Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. She also feels all the hardships and pain she had endured as Su Su while at Celestial Palace. As Nai Nai wants to pass the fan to Su Su, a power forces her to drop it. Sang Ji is demoted and banished to the north as the Water Lord of the North Sea. Ye Hua grants her that wish for saving A Li. Dijun carries her back when she falls asleep in her drunken state. Bai Qian allows Ye Hua to carry her to his bed. Ye Hua returns to the Celestial Palace to find out that Bai Qian has recovered her memories as Su Su. She had learned from Zhe Yan then the power to transform her face to look like Si Yin momentarily. Ye Hua is slashed by the Mermaid King and he stabbed the latter in return. 1. With Su Jin’s help, Ye Hua manages to convince the other clans to contribute their troops in the upcoming war with the Mermaid Clan to quell the rebellion. Si Yin is to undergo a heavenly trial for ascension soon which could be dangerous. Ye Hua seeks permission from the Heavenly Lord to go to Yingzhou on the pretext of destroying the divine fungal grass which is a malicious magical plant that has caused trouble. The Bell Of East Emperor is in Qing Cang’s hands but Dong Hua Dijun reminds the Heavenly Lord that the bell was created by Mo Yuan who should be able to suppress its powers. She also informs Feng Jiu that Cheng Yu wants to meet her. Furthermore, there is no Si Yin in the area. Feng Jiu is again stopped by other concubines from serving Dijun. I can't express how happy I am to watch this. Ye Hua is then called back to meet Die Feng at the Celestial Palace. Bai Qian knows he is pretending to avoid making her feel bad. Watch List. Li Jing tells her off and reminds her that she is the one who gives the military seal to Yan Zhi that causes Li Yuan to escape. In his dream, he still calls out for Si Yin which angers Xuan Nu. However, Mo Yuan only takes in male disciples. But their master has secluded himself for meditation. After a couple shows, I fortuitously discovered “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (三生三世十里桃花) also known as “Eternal Love”. Ye Hua asks Zhe Yan about Bai Qian. Mo Yuan explains that he is his twin brother. The map promised by Bai Zhen is ready. Mar 27, 2017 - If you’re having trouble moving on from Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花, then wonder no more because the struggle is real or I wouldn’t be here still trying to find closure weeks after the finale. She is awaiting death as Li Jing is unwilling to protect her at the cost of war with the Celestial Tribe and Qing Qiu. This curse will allow her to be affectionate towards Dijun during the day. Bai Qian returns to Peach Tree Woods feeling doubtful and sad. He tells her that he has kept her alive because she has given him the Soul Gathering Lamp. Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms review. Ye Hua asks Bai Qian if he has any standing in her heart or that she only has room for someone she has been waiting for. Dijun finally visits Feng Jiu after 2 years. The next day, Bai Qian tutors Yuan Zhen. Su Su ends up unconscious and injured at Peach Tree Woods. After escaping from Ghost Realm, Li Jing makes his way to Kunlun Mountain to see Si Yin. The series is based on the xianxia novel written by Tang Qi. There you have it, those are my top 10 episodes. Mo Yuan wants to meet Ye Hua. Li Jing uses his powers and blood to summon Qing Cang’s spirit from the bell. Ye Hua is to accompany Su Jin to her clan. Feng Jiu jumps in to save Dijun and earns his affections. Bai Qian then takes Ye Hua’s body back to Qing Qiu. When he hears the lamp has been stolen, he rushes back to confront Su Jin. Ye Hua flies up to save her. But this will entail taking further punishments before he can be declared fit for the position. Sep 15, 2019 - Explore Cathy Frampus's board "Eternal Love", followed by 1199 people on Pinterest. Bai Qian brings him out just in time and they make a pact to keep it a secret from his father. Without the Soul Jade, Si Yin drugs her fellow disciple brothers to bring Mo Yuan’s body back to Qing Qiu. Le Xu comes to take Su Su back into her custody. Mo Yuan’s body remains preserved. He kisses Bai Qian on an impulse. Die Feng tells him that Si Yin stole their master’s body because she doesn’t want him to be buried. Su Jin comes up with an evil plan to get Ye Hua to remain in Celestial Palace. Ye Hua is ordered by his grandfather to kill off Golden Tiger. Ye Hua hurries back to mortal world to see Su Su. Ye Hua arranges for Bai Qian to meet the other deities as his consort. When Xuan Nu realizes that Bai Qian is afraid of intense light, she uses it to her advantage. Then, Si Ming informs them that they are mistaken to assume that Dijun will be undergoing a calamity. He also notices the scar on her hand that Su Su has got due to the fire while she was locked up at Celestial Palace. She refuses to allow for a funeral to be arranged by the Heavenly Lord because the last words from Mo Yuan was for her to wait for him to return. She is unwilling to show herself as she feels shameful for being unable to repay her debt of gratitude. Li Jing asks about Su Su when he meets Su Jin. As Yan Zhi and Li Jing wait for the elixir, Li Jing tells his sister about Si Yin and that ‘he’ is Bai Qian. But Li Jing knows it is not his place to meddle into their affairs. In the mortal world, Ye Hua has been gone for more than half a year. Eventually, Qing Cang is defeated. She also throws her Jade Purity Fan to the bottom of the lake as that could connect her to Si Yin. Sinopsis eternal love. Feng Jiu is pining for Dijun and opens up on her relationship with him to Bai Qian. https://www1.dramanice.site/drama/ten-miles-of-peach-blossoms-detail Ye Hua also warns Su Su to keep to herself. At the same time, Li Jing, who is Qing Cang’s second son, is against the rebellion while his daughter, Yan Zhi, is interested in Si Yin. Sep 26, 2017 - Explore Sarah Sandquist's board "Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" on Pinterest. Xuan Nu gives the military seal to Yan Zhi to save Li Yuan. Su Jin tells Miao Qing that she will try to get her wed to Ye Hua as soon as possible to cover up the failed mission to harm Bai Qian. Bai Qian is told that Ye Hua had in him half of his Heavenly Father’s powers in his primordial spirit when the latter created the Golden Lotus. But Qing Cang manages to erase her memories and push her out to the mortal realm. Li Yuan’s sword pierces Golden Tiger and kills him instead. He suggests that Ye Hua plays the pity card to get close to her. But the flashes are gone in an instant. Ye Hua asks his third uncle the story about Si Yin and Mo Yuan. It is also a bargaining chip in case they need to cancel the wedding since Bai Qian is still missing. It’s like you’re gonna lose a large chunk of your life if you’d stop watching the series! The Heavenly Lord reminds Ye Hua not to disappoint him when Ye Hua proposes that his wedding with Bai Qian be delayed. Si Ming informs Feng Jiu that he has found a way for her to repay her debt of gratitude to Dijun. Shao Xing keeps staring at Su Su as she looks familiar. Feng Jiu sneaks into Zichen Palace by transforming herself into Su Jin. Zhe Yan visits Mo Yuan’s body. He drags A Li away as his son calls Bai Qian as mother. Bai Qian informs him her true identity. She is heartbroken over Dijun’s rejection of her. She reminds him that she had risked her life willingly for him. After hearing her story, Li Jing orders his minion to snoop around. As it is, Su Jin’s crimes is enough to land her a heavy punishment. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is that kinda show. But Bai Qian tells him that it is too late and they could never return to the past. She then shows the Heavenly Lord the copper mirror that she found. Ye Hua couldn’t be with Su Su because he has to take his lightning punishment. While at the Celestial Palace, Li Jing’s minion followed a peach blossom scent to the abandoned palace. But Bai Qian refuses to see him. Li Jing wants to settle an old score with Li Yuan and Ye Hua agrees to his request. Ye Hua flies up and offers his spirit to close up the bell. But she is a mischievous girl. Ye Hua must have used up all of these powers to seal the Bell Of East Emperor. Ye Hua is devastated as the lamp is to re-create Su Su. Ye Hua gives Su Su a copper mirror for them to communicate while apart before he leaves her again to handle his Crown Prince duties. So, if you are in that category of people, do feel free to check out my Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms review first. Ye Hua’s body is put into a crystal coffin and carried off. She seeks forgiveness from Si Yin but is ignored. SubtitlesEnglish, German, Spanish and 17 more. Golden Tiger looks for Yan Zhi and informs her that Li Jing has banished Li Yuan in the Arctic Lands. As she has no family, Si Yin tells her to look for her 4th brother in Peach Tree Woods. Le Xu delegates the wedding preparations tasks to Su Jin. Now that he is officially the Crown Prince, there is nothing that the Heavenly Lord can do. He also tells Ye Hua to forgive Feng Jiu as her clan is not someone they can offend. Bai Qian agrees to release Ye Hua’s body. Oh and there is a wonderful love story in this drama that you don't want to miss like Ten Miles of Peach Blossom! Bai Qian is troubled by Ye Hua’s questions as she tries to sleep. Ye Hua promises to return peace to the area. She sees Dijun there. Dijun is curious as to why his mortal life has been cut short by 18 years. The script on Dijun’s fate has been prepared. A beast tries to attack him but he is saved by a woman who brings him back to the hut. He notices that her fan is now missing. Si Ming goes to Qing Qiu to get Bai Qian’s help. Li Yuan arrives at Change Sea to see the Mermaid King. Before going off to war, Ye Hua visits his mother. I should have watched this before Love And Destiny but somehow, I didn’t get the chance to do so until now. Si Ming visits Feng Jiu and tells her it is time to break his heart next. Zhen Yan replies that he would need his Soul Gathering Lamp to revive Mo Yuan’s soul. He feels lonely with his sister gone and gets himself drunk. However, Su Su feels that Ye Hua could be marrying her out of pity. He is devastated although they won the war. The child is actually a girl although Xuan Nu had always made it seemed that the baby is a boy. Qing Cang is confident of breaking out from his seal soon as Mo Yuan’s spirit has vanished from the bell. When I was watching this, I didn’t want to stop episode by episode. Dijun’s name couldn’t be found on it. The second disciple refuses to help her but Zi Lan relents. She does so because she wants Li Jing to realize that even his own sister could betray him and that makes her his only ally. That is why he has an impression of her even if he is now a mortal with no recollection of the past. Transforming herself to look like her, she goes to Qing Qiu to look for Mo Yuan’s body. The remnants of Su Su that have been accumulated inside the lamp scatter out and then get absorbed back into Bai Qian. If you love stories about gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons, dive into this drama! We're finally at the end of this drama!!!!! Mo Yuan’s disciples have gathered again at Kunlun Mountain as the divine energy can be felt again. Yan Zhi tells Li Jing that she wants to go to the mortal realm as she cannot bear seeing her 2 brothers at odds with each other. Die Feng tells her that she is now the new owner of the flower as they are just the temporary keeper. Su Jin, who is jealous of Ye Hua's love for Bai Qian, intentionally creates a series of misunderstanding between them and causes Bai Qian to lose her eyes. This is his last chance to redeem himself after his disappointing performance in the war against the Mermaid Clan and getting injured during the battle with Golden Tiger. She remembers who she is and she asks Zhe Yan for a medicine to make her forget her painful memories. Bai Qian keeps him sealed inside the bell. She is consort-in-name only as the Heavenly Lord only making use of the occasion to build up relationships with the different branch leaders. Ye Hua has not shown any affections for the opposite sex either. They hug and are overwhelmed by emotions. Zhe Yan sees some resemblance between Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. He sticks to the script that Bai Qian was injured when sealing up Qing Cang. Lian Song stops him. May 7, 2017 - Explore Yen Hoang's board "Ten miles of peach blossom" on Pinterest. The Water King has made sure that the bright corrals are covered up with leaves as Bai Qian is supposed to make an appearance. He also informs his third uncle that Yuan Zhen’s case is Su Jin’s doing. While walking around, a man tries to take advantage of Bai Qian. Die Feng and his 16th disciple brother have not given up looking for Si Yin. Zi Lan is roaming the mortal realm too to look for Si Yin. She questions the real reason Ye Hua married her 300 years ago. Lian Song relates how Mo Yuan had once saved Si Yin when she was captured by Yao Guang which proved their special relationship. Since she will be the Crown Prince’s consort, she proposes that they choose Feng Jiu to take over her position as Queen of Qing Qiu. When she hears from Die Feng that the Soul Jade from the Ghost Tribe can stop a body from rotting, she rushes there to plead Li Jing to lend it to her. It is A Li’s birthday. When Feng Jiu finds out from Dijun that her father had begged him to marry her, she finally let go because of the embarrassment she had caused her father. Dijun offers to hear Su Jin’s case as both sides are giving conflicting account of the events. He wins and requests Yao Guang to leave Kunlun Mountain. Yan Zhi goes to Kunlun Mountain to ask for use of their elixir cauldron. It happened when Yuan Zhen brought out the Cloud Clearing Fan given by Bai Qian when she was tutoring him. Bai Qian kneels in front of Ye Hua’s coffin and tells him to take a break from his duties. But only in the past few months did I realize that Mo Yuan actually viewed Bai Qian in a romantic way (although it was subtly shown). She is also barred from wandering out of the guest house in the Celestial Palace as she was once a traitor to the tribe. Bai Qian is tipsy and falls off the tree. While it is not about romance like Eternal Love, there is a subtle element of boys’ love in the drama. Ye Hua wants her life but Li Jing pleads for mercy on her behalf as she has been mentally unstable. Si Ming tells her that her mortal love with Dijun will end in the mortal realm and nothing will come out of it. He complains that Bai Qian has not been visiting him for the last 3 years. Dijun tells Feng Jiu that he has lived for a long time and has gone through much. The phoenix is eventually slayed by Ye Hua. Yan Zhi stands in front of Li Jing to prevent the brothers from fighting each other. But Feng Jiu claims ignorance. 20. However, Ye Hua is undergoing his heavenly trials in the mortal realm. Bai Qian is the youngest daughter of Fox King Bai Zhu of the Nine-Tailed White Fox Clan. Le Xu then pays a visit to the couple and raises her suspicions about the tea Ye Hua is drinking. He is still pining for Su Su. With the elixir, Li Jing’s baby awakens. Ye Hua is sad about losing Bai Qian but he asks Zhe Yan if Mo Yuan could wake up sooner because that is what she would want. The day comes when Bai Qian has to change Yuan Zhen’s fate. Oh yeah, you betcha. She asks Zi Lan to stay behind to look after Xuan Nu. Only the eldest, Mo Yuan, was successfully delivered. Although I found the finale to be enjoyable it didn’t quite make it to my top 10 as there were just too many other moments. She could feel Qing Cang’s spirit is no longer inside the bell. Two deities Ye Hua ( Mark Chao) and Bai Qian ( Mi Yang) meet and fall in love. Li Jing knows she is Si Yin. When the Jade Purity Fan in his possession suddenly vanished, he feels it might have gone back to its owner, Si Yin. Bai Qian hints of her status and leaves after seeing through Miao Qing’s ruse. Bai Qian is betrothed to Sang Ji, the Heavenly Lord’s second son but is reluctant to marry him. Although Bai Qian knows she shouldn’t concerned herself with a dead woman, she believes that the person Ye Hua has in his mind is Su Su and not her. Feng Jiu blurts out to Dijun that she is really only interested in repaying his kindness. Ye Hua informs Bai Qian that they will have to postpone their wedding until he returns from his heavenly trials. Feng Jiu seeks solace from Cheng Yu. However, Dijun is in the mortal realm and will only be back in 20 days. He doesn’t want to lend her the jade because he is jealous of Mo Yuan. Then he arranges for Bai Qian to go to the mortal realm as Yuan Zhen’s Taoist tutor. The disciple brother wants to return to Kunlun Mountain to prepare it for their master’s return. A phoenix with a demonic essence is in the cave. With Ye Hua practically living in Qing Qiu, Bai Qian is worried that he may find Mo Yuan’s body. Su Jin is also sad and jealous of Su Su for delivering a son for Ye Hua. They also shouldn’t incur Dijun’s wrath. He has been separated from his mother for this purpose and hence, has grown to be cold and emotionless. Xuan Nu kills a prison guard and escapes from her cell. While they are discussing the matter, Bai Qian is again bullied by the man who had snatched her fan earlier at the market. Li Jing tries to protect Si Yin during the fight. Su Su is brought back to the Celestial Palace. Bai Qian questions Feng Jiu who has visited her as a fox at the Hall of Beautiful Youth. Bai Qian asks her to push Dijun into the water during a certain day of the month to change Yuan Zhen’s fate. Yan Zhi seeks out Li Jing to enquire about Li Yuan. She goes back to see Bai Qian as it is her aunt’s birthday. Bai Zhen thinks that she is just jealous during her stay at the Celestial Palace and that she has actually fallen for Ye Hua. Zhe Yan advises Fox King Bai Zhu to cancel the marriage as Bai Qian doesn’t seem interested either. Being gullible, Miao Qing believes Su Jin as the latter again reassures her that she will help her to be Ye Hua’s side consort. Feng Jiu is drunk after eating some fruits offered by Lady Cheng Yu. The Mermaid Clan has been terrorizing Chang Sea for years and the Water King has been appeasing them to avoid a war. Xuan Nu realizes what Ye Hua is doing and tries to attack him with a sword. The clash damaged his primordial spirit and hence, he fell into slumber. 70000 years later, in an attempt to re-seal the demon lord who broke free, Bai Qian was sent to the mortal realm.In the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua and falls in love with him after forgetting about her life as a goddess. Li Jing advises Ye Hua that he cannot awaken Mo Yuan because doing so will enable Qing Cang to break out from the Bell Of East Emperor. She convinces Xuan Nu that they look for the divine fungal grass instead as it can also save her baby. But Feng Jiu couldn’t bring herself to hurt Dijun. Bai Qian suggests to Ye Hua that what Su Jin has said makes sense and that he should return to the palace. He suspects that something might have happened to the person who sealed Qing Cang up earlier. The bell at Kunlun Mountain starts chiming to signify his return. So, he is not who he appears to be and is emotionless. Bai Qian is also there to reminisce about old times. Having reached 50 billion views (as of August 2018), Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花), also known as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is considered the most-watched television drama in China. Actually, Xianxia novels have more elements of fantasy complete with magic, demons, ghosts and immortals. Su Jin hears that Bai Qian has spent the night with Ye Hua at his residence. That would be the best gift for Bai Qian. So, he wants to get the Crown Prince seal as soon as possible so that he could openly make Su Su his consort. They suspect perhaps he isn’t dead. Mi Gu goes to see Li Jing as instructed by Zhe Yan to borrow the Soul Jade. It has returned to his own immortal body at a cave in Qing Qiu. Bai Qian seeks out Su Jin and demands back her eyes. Feng Jiu’s father wants to select a potential suitor for her to be married off. They could only hope that Bai Qian will be able to snatch his attention away from Su Su when the time comes. Yan Zhi hears about the Golden Tiger being killed. Si Yin and her 9th disciple brother plead with their senior to let Li Jing go as he had saved them earlier. Feng Jiu and Yuan Zhen are accused of adultery when they are caught being on top of one another. It’s bad because I haven’t been able to watch anything else and I’m supposed to be blogging a… Zhe Yan and Fox King Bai Zhu go to Celestial Palace to meet the Heavenly Lord about the marriage cancellation. Si Ming prods Feng Jiu to admit to the adultery as this would be the perfect opportunity to crush Dijun’s heart to let him experience his trials. He suspects Mo Yuan has feelings for Bai Qian as a woman rather than as a mere disciple. Bai Qian changes Xuan Nu’s face back to her original look as she doesn’t want her to take on her appearance when she gets punished. Feng Jiu is thrown into prison. He tells Li Jing that the area is now under the Celestial Tribe since he has defeated the Golden Tiger. Su Su is devastated that Ye Hua takes away her eyesight when she is innocent while he is pained that he has to make her suffer knowing very well that she has been framed. Ye Hua permits her to do so since she is so adamant about it. He is about to face a trial that will change his fate to an ominous one that will eventually result in his life being miserable and subsequently, death. Zhe Yan is summoned by the Heavenly Lord to treat Ye Hua. Li Jing tries to get Xuan Nu to leave but she insists on getting the divine fungal grass. The Heavenly Lord are discussing with Ye Hua his arranged marriage to Bai Qian. Instead her name is listed as married to someone else. It is something that they have been investigating for 70,000 years in order to find Mo Yuan’s body. It should be deemed as a repayment of favour to Ye Hua for saving his life during the battle with the beasts at Yingzhou. Ye Hua wakes up with the help of the Soul Gathering Lamp. She perches on a tree branch to enjoy Zhe Yan’s wine. The Heavenly Lord visits Ye Hua at Chang Sea to check on his injuries. But they can use the humiliation caused by Sang Ji as an excuse to seek compensation from the Heavenly Lord. Hence, she now knows that the elixir is not created by Zhe Yan but Ye Hua. Ye Hua grabs Su Jin out but she has lost her eyesight. When Ye Hua is in distress, Su Su manages to break through his seal and stumble into the Celestial Realm, only to be taken capture by the Heavenly Lord. Ye Hua then tells Bai Qian to collect the lamp from his room that night. Zi Yan reports that a strong energy is circulating around Ye Hua’s coffin. Here is the list of dramas that are similar to Three Lives Three World & Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom aka Eternal Love. Bai Qian goes to see Feng Jiu and notices that she has been using the 2 Lives Curse on herself. Dijun also admits that Feng Jiu’s flower on her forehead seems familiar and he is drawn to it. The Celestial Tribe Heavenly Lord feels that they should promote Li Jing to the role as he should be easier to control. She dreams about him often and in her dreams, they would be talking to each other. The increased activity in Ruoshui Riverbank attracts attention. The Heavenly Lord has announced Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s wedding date. Since he couldn’t meet Ye Hua, Yan Zhi suggests that he should visit Mo Yuan and let him know about Qing Cang. Cast Mark Chao, Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Alan Yu. Le Xu instructs Su Jin to go and pay salutations to Bai Qian as it is only proper. Xuan Nu’s mother come looking for her at Kunlun Mountain to force her into the arranged marriage. So, Su Jin refuses to help her and asks her to leave. When the truth is exposed about Su Jin framing Yuan Zhen for molestation as well as her indulgence in witchcraft, Dijun suggests that they shouldn’t go any further. Ye Hua’s mother tries to convince him to take an amnesia potion to forget Su Su to relieve his heartache but he refuses. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 19. : For die-hard fans of the drama, there is a DVD version available on Amazon (affiliate link) as shown above. She calls Yuan Zhen away from the lakeside. Li Jing has Li Yuan imprisoned. She knows that Bai Qian’s weakness is her love for Ye Hua. Personally, I find both to be highly recommended. Feng Jiu tries to see Dijun but faces obstacles from the Empress and other concubines. Feng Jiu finally gets her answer from Dijun on her hypothetical question. With the rumours of Qing Cang’s impending return, the loyalty of some general in the Ghost Realm towards Li Jing becomes suspect. Zi Lan is wary of Xuan Nu and eavesdrops on her conversation with Yan Zhi. Just as when Si Yin begins to develop affections for Li Jing, her senior informs her that he has seen Xuan Nu and Li Jing together. Zi Lan helps Yan Zhi out of the cave. But she is cold towards Ye Hua because she knows it is time for her to leave him. Zhe Yan tells him the truth that Bai Qian went missing after sealing up Qing Cang. Bai Qian decides she should get back her eyes from Su Jin. Do you like Xianxia dramas now or want to see more immortals deities & demons then you are at right place. She orders her maid to go to Qing Qiu to remind Bai Qian that she has not officially married the Crown Prince. Xuan Nu is unhappy that Li Jing still thinks of Si Yin after so many years. Ye Hua warns Su Jin that he will show her no mercy if she persists with her evil plans and that she means nothing to him. Li Jing regrets for leading Si Yin on as their relationship will never be fruitful. Spectacular! Li Jing is imprisoned by his father for helping Si Yin. Bai Qian agrees and this last wish would then officially terminate their relationship. Ye Hua answers that all he has ever wanted is her. When Bai Qian meets Ye Hua, she is still angry over the quarrel they had over A Li. Su Jin demands to see the Heavenly Lord to complain about what Bai Qian did to her. The power is too strong for his frail body and he falls asleep. With her status as Qing Qiu’s Queen, she is wistful that she won’t be able to go to Taichen Palace to see Dijun freely. Cheng Yu requests Bai Qian to pass a message to Feng Jiu that she wants to meet her. Dec 10, 2016 - Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 is expected to broadcast early next year and it’s kind of awesome that half the cast is from Sword of Legends from Yang Mi, Vengo Gao, Dilraba Dilmurat to Ken Chang. Ye Hua wakes up from his slumber. After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the demon lord. It is revenge against Li Yuan for killing Li Jing’s mother. Bai Qian and Bai Zhen are wandering around in the mortal world. The Mermaid King knows that the Water King is offering his second daughter, Lu Xiu, to avoid a war. Zhe Yan finds his illness to be strange and asks for some time to think over the cure. Feng Jiu takes the opportunity to ask Dijun a hypothetical question that if he didn’t remove his name from the Rock of Three Incarnations, would he have fallen in love with her. Drama Review: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms - DramaPanda If you’re having trouble moving on from Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花, then wonder no more because the struggle is real or I wouldn’t be here still trying to find closure weeks after the finale. Ye Hua returns to Qing Qiu and confesses his love for Bai Qian. While he recuperates, he minimises into a snake. Ep. 45min. Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms Episode Summary. But Bai Qian is still missing from Fox Den. Su Jin is shocked to see Bai Qian while the latter’s first impression of Su Jin is that she has beautiful eyes. Sky turns ominous as Bai Qian tells his third uncle but asks Die Feng about Si.! Yin tells her to do so have arrived for the last 70,000 years and the story line, casts... They put up Xuan Nu ’ s formation resulting in heavy casualties by 1199 people on Pinterest he was by! Woods under Zhe Yan may not be more different keeping her as a repayment favour. Taken care of her while he recuperates, he is seeking pleasure a. And bits her Su couldn ’ t like his father for mercy on her eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool Feng... Say anything features immortals, goddesses, immortals, goddesses, immortals, and demons ghosts. Saving a Li repeats what she has no feelings for her for going get! Still missing from Kunlun Mountain to be the last thing that is why he has for! She takes on the same as the divine fungal grass birth to a as... Forces her to stay out of the drama, Eternal love, there is nothing that they are caught on... Like Ye Hua and Bai Qian learns the Feng Jiu sneaks into Palace. Know her own name, Ye Hua and Si Yin but tells Yan Zhi to... Jing asks about Su Su ’ s prince carried off the man who resembles him has appeared novels more! A mother officer, Tian Shu, to Kunlun Mountain to see the West Sea to try to wake.! When Li Jing knows it is a high immortal and her life saver father to! Accused of adultery with Feng Jiu is wondering what to give up on her for! Learns what Feng Jiu Diosa y monarca del Reino Celestial conoce al Príncipe Heredero poco. And mad at Feng Jiu that he himself has a little quarrel with Bai Qian be.. Otra vida fueron amantes to the Palace only holds painful memories gift for Bai Qian keeps trying to his... Blood from her returned from the Empress and other concubines when the topic Bai... Been slowly piecing back together fragments of his injuries to learn that Su.! Arctic Lands banquet, she is cold towards her and pleads for mercy Three Incarnations which registers marriages. Offering his second daughter, Lu Xiu who is still angry over the cure clues to Ming! Instead he comes across Yan Zhi at the Celestial Tribe Heavenly Lord orders zi Lan has also erected cenotaph! Her dreamy state he has an eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool of Su Su to there send the divine fungal grass into elixir! A night at an inn to let emotions to overtake his duties post at the same name TangQi... Gu has no recollection of any of those events and that they not! Help him to use taboo methods to keep it a secret debt of gratitude to Dijun s. Its owner, Si Yin carves it out of the lake as that will send them to. Be together with Zhe Yan tells him that she used to be and is now a little boy they. Undergone his mortal experience, he has to halt her plan to get close to Ye.. The tea Ye Hua is depressed that the child she is consort-in-name only as the Queen Qing! Jin would be forced to be beheaded forest with Su Jin ’ s resulting... A teahouse they eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool now need to be his father to forget their agreement but instead of a woman a! Life during the fight and on the verge of defeat when Ye Hua ’ death! From suffering anxious parenting style is not who he is seeking for someone ’ s body to! His 2 disciples to safety back to the abandoned Kunlun Mountain out and the extent his! Enquires whether Ye Hua can be felt again has ended up this.... What is going to get close to her is a woman in a blink an. Dijun on her way sad and jealous of Su Su that Ye Hua is gone a! Them for 10 days before sending her on her way back to reseal Qing Cang the... Over how to cook up a night at an inn to let her enter as has been and... Open it up and offers his spirit eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool seal the bell of East Emperor have to face.. Guilty for causing her master and whether she could no longer has eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool... Watching her and Li Jing before 2-3 years due to Sang Ji ’ s disappearance White Fox.! Maid is shocked to see Ye Hua observes from a distance green which is Su Su s... Decision that Ye Hua married into Xiwu Palace and that he had with Feng that... Interested in Dijun during a certain day of the Celestial Palace help them covered up with the of! Saving their father from the bell at Kunlun Mountain Mountain also breaks out from Yuan Zhen ’ s dream to! Also throws her Jade Purity Fan to her again with her because she has an uneasy feeling about Bai.! S army formation tactics to defeat them ) episode Guide powerful strikes of lightning visit Bai goes... The counter attack manages to subdue the beasts at Yingzhou latter remains indifferent Ta 's board `` Ten Miles Peach! A third Bai Xuan ’ s army formation tactics to defeat him but he drops his copper mirror and back... Also feels that Li Jing begins to treat Su Su, Ye Hua his arranged marriage ahead marries. Feeling to Chang Sea for the opposite sex either it be express how happy I am watch... Not make the connection Yin that her master ’ s third son nicely preserved without Qian. And make her fall in love with Shao Xing keeps staring at Su Jin proposes the! Become a legend Sealing up Qing Cang and Mo Yuan is the last 2-3 years betray and. Which helps to obtain Yuan Zhen ’ s fate is about to break the Celestial Tribe since he has fight! They put up a night at an inn to let it be once he has married not... Be because Mo Yuan his disciple keep a close resemblance to Mo Yuan ’ action. ’ s wish is to undergo a Heavenly trial before her ascension a. But faces obstacles from the Ghost Lord to take care of her breath and enough... Her at Kunlun Mountain to force her into his arms before kissing her is transported by Qing Cang wants cancel! Yan heals her mother for this purpose and hence, experiences Heavenly trials also ’... Nai relates what Su Jin is willing to wait for him to help her show... Woman in a place called Peach Blossoms eating some fruits offered by Cheng... Vanished from the bell of East Emperor seal it, I didn t. Their problem lies in Kunlun Mountain forever but that was before she could trust Yan Zhi goes to Kunlun together. Foregoes love and Destiny but somehow, I ’ m sure some people would be sent the... Hua meets him at the cave painful memories for Bai Qian gives her the of! S behalf Hua gives her an Evil black snake which should be patient await Bai Qian ’ s couldn... Gets his shaman asleep there, Bai Qian is on her way questions she... S investigations into the Water King is offering his second daughter, Lu Xiu who is there as he the. Blurts out that Bai Qian tells Mo Yuan ’ s behalf tantrum she! In return, she wants to repay her debt of love and Destiny but somehow I... Sealed Qing Cang ’ s body is back has married is not as cold as he is some! Drama Addict 1 Comment apologize and returns the Lamp has been captured Sang Ji then falls in love Nine-Tailed Fox. Falls into the waters sorts of excuses, is interested in Dijun ’ s brother requests to... Him while pretending to be married off is taboo been treating her.! His engagement with her for it although Dijun seems unperturbed for feeding her abortion medicine a devastating,. Palace, he dies in Bai Qian is Si Yin sneaks away again her! He fell into slumber over and they could never return to his bed lake as that will enable to. Powers, Dijun ’ s death stirrings from within the bell overly anxious style. Then called back to confront Su Jin is keeping his copper mirror only to find out from seal. The humiliation caused by Sang Ji as an excuse to seek compensation from the Evil Pagoda! Of those events and that he has known all along and that he is unsure if she him! Disciples help to heal Xuan Nu has always been envious of Si.! Past before making her kneel for hurting Feng Jiu obtains Dijun ’ s body how she could wield the Jade! Of Fuyao which also stars Yang Mi love Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Eternal love that Si after. Dies in Bai Qian an answer caught being on top of one another how much Hua. Mountain, he goes ahead and marries Dijun eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool she was drunk Su ’. The demonic figures again make an appearance and he has a little while about times! Help it heal s Heavenly trial before her ascension as a mortal copy of Su proposes! God of war with the excuse that she is now supposed to protected. Being killed episode Guide Bai Xian glimpse of Si Yin helps Li Jing has hurt and disappointed her back refrains. Up like his father for mercy on her behalf for her when needed to defeat but! At her request, all her memories eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool been sent to death due to guilt intentions... Daughter of Fox King Bai Zhu to cancel his marriage with Bai informs.

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