Fields of expertise

Company law

We advise small and medium size enterprises, on a daily basis, in respect of all kinds of company law issues.

  • general company law advice (foundation, transformation, mergers)
  • Acquisition issues (privatisation, M&A)
  • All-round due diligence of compani

Our office has been representing numerous foreign investors. We have participated in the privatisation of several major Hungarian companies. For example:

  • Acquisition of a majority share in a Hungarian supermarket chain by one of the largest Austrian shoe manufacturers
  • Company acquisition in Hungary by a large French plastic manufacturer
  • Founding and representing the Hungarian subsidiary of one of the largest Austrian banks
  • Merger of two Hungarian subsidiaries of one of the largest French oil companies


Health law

We have a broad experience in the field of health law. In particular, we are experienced in practice law (sale and purchase of practices), privatisation of health organisations, employment contract for doctors, responsibility of doctors, malpractice lawsuits, pharmaceutical law.

Energy law

Currently, we represent companies dealing with renewable energy (windmills, gas power plants).

European Union law

Both our Vienna and Budapest offices has substantial experience in this field. We put an emphasis on the relevant development of our colleagues. A number of our colleagues have obtained a relevant postgraduate degree or have been participating in such course.


We have represented numerous (mainly German and Austrian) banks and other monetary institutions in providing credit to Hungarian undertakings. We regularly prepare credit agreements and agreements regarding the relevant securities (e.g.: pledge, surety).

Real property

We regularly advise international and domestic undertakings in connection with complex real estate purchases and development investments. We have participated in numerous large scale real estate transactions and real estate development transactions. For example:

  • Representing one of the largest French construction company in connection with its activities in Hungary (office buildings, oil and gas storages, construction of the M5 highway)

  • Representing a French investment company in connection with the building of the EMKE office building
  • Representing one of the largest Austrian banks and its subsidiaries in connection with Hungarian real estate investment projects

  • Representing an Austrian undertaking in connection with the purchase of the Budapest Meat Trade Company's (Budapesti Húsipari Rt.) production plant in the framework of the company's privatisation

  • Advising a Hungarian-Israeli consortium in connection with the creation of a shopping centre (renting of shops, operational and maintenance contracts)
  • Representing one of the largest Austrian construction companies in connection with its construction agreements concluded with Hungarian and Austrian construction companies

  • Advising a Hungarian-owned Austrian bank in connection with the development of real estate leasing project and the relevant transactions.
Internet law
We have colleagues who are qualified Internet lawyers and have substantial experience in connection with a great variety of Internet-law issues.


We have substantial experience in connection with almost all fields of tort issues. Together with our Vienna and Vilnius offices, we regularly represent clients in connection with Austrian and Lithuanian cases.

In malpractice issues, we represent hospitals, doctors and patients both in contentious and non-contentious matters.

One of our colleagues is qualified both as a lawyer and as a doctor and has substantial experience in malpractice matters.

We regularly represent clients in connection with accidents resulting in personal injury (road accidents, industrial accidents, etc.) and other damage claims (adjustment of automobile damages, damages in connection with real estates, etc.).

We represented the Hungarian persons injured in the 2002 Austrian (Wampersdorf) train accident against the Austrian state-owned railway company (ÖBB).

We have been representing the persons injured and the successors of those who deceased in the storm that broke out during the 20 August 2006 fireworks in the currently pending lawsuit.

Public procurement

We have participated in numerous public procurement proceedings on behalf of domestic and foreign clients.


Employment law

We represent both employers and employees in employment related lawsuits. We also draft and comment on employment contracts and collective agreements.

International private lawg

Due to our clientele, we regularly deal with issues arising out of international private law issues.



We represent undertakings in connection with deals and draft agreements on the securities market.

Misdemeanour and criminal law

Both our Vienna and Budapest office has substantial experience in misdemeanour and criminal law. Our Vienna office represents Hungarian clients in connection with Austrian criminal law proceedings. Our Budapest office mainly advises Austrian clients in connection with Hungarian misdemeanour and criminal law proceedings.


Intellectual property rights

Our highly qualified intellectual law specialist colleague has substantial experience in Hungarian national, European and international intellectual property law registration and maintenance. He has been advising and representing clients in connection with intellectual property enforcement issues (civil law, criminal law and administrative law proceedings), both in contentious and non-contentious proceedings. Our colleague has substantial experience in drafting agreements in connection with a great variety of intellectual property contracts (e.g.: transfer, licensing) and due diligence. Our experience mainly covers copyright, trademarks, designs, patents and know-how.


We have participated in the establishment of Hungarian local agency of numerous telecommunications companies, in the obtaining of telecommunications licenses, in the clarification of the competition law background of the relevant promotional and advertisement activities.

Representation before courts and arbitration courts

We have been representing clients in proceedings before Hungarian and Austrian courts, as well as before Hungarian, Austrian and international permanent and interim arbitration tribunals.

Competition law

We have represented numerous clients in proceedings before the Hungarian Competition Office, mainly in merger control matters.


Legal due diligence

Our office has been involved in various legal due diligence activities. The scope of our due diligence expertise covers almost all of the above-specified fields in various combinations.


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