signs of a healing belly button piercing

This will kill the bacteria causing the infection. Navel piercing pain disappears once the process is done and may reappear again slightly during the first few days of healing. Also around the top hole it looks like its been bruised. You want to treat it before it develops into an abscess or spreads to your abdomen. The irritation comes from the activity of bacteria on the skin. How do you really tell when your it has become infected or what signs and symptoms do you expect? It’s still pretty pink but my scar is pretty bright from where the other rejected and I’m nervous it’s going to mess up although it seems to be healing WAY better than the last time, I got my belly button pierced a week ago and the top of my belly button piercing went kinda through the whole there’s a whole around the piercing, Hey im angel, i got my piercing for 3 months its red, it hurts it doesnt look infected can someone help me, hey im layla, i am 14 and 2 days ago i got my belly button peirced. Belly Button Piercing Pain. It bled a little and is crusty with a scab around it, not to big or noticeable though. The fashion isn’t worth it. If you are informed, you'll find your healing time will be a breeze, and you'll reduce any potential risks. basicly i have had my belly pierced for 2 years now and not long ago i changed the bar. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your belly piercing is infected or just irritated. hi I got my belly pierced 5 days ago I clean it it doesn't hurt there is a tiny bit of redness would I be able to go swimming ?? Signs of a Healing Belly Button Piercing The piercing is red or pink. Hey there, I have had my belly button pierced about 7 months ago and I noticed that there is a small cut of some sort between the top hole and the other end of the hole. 9 to 14 months is the recommended time for a complete healing process. The doctor told me it could be cause of my piercing but I took it off a while ago...I need better answers from anyone who thinks they know about this. CBR's and rings can irritate the piercing, and can snag more easily, potentially causing irritation and tears. Where the discharge is too much, it will form crusts around the jewelry. No scabbing or bleeding around the belly ring. However, such pain will not last forever. Symptoms can … To be extra safe, wait at least 6 months. Do not remove the jewelry, especially if you are experiencing drainage. If you do it sooner, you will risk infection because the piercing is likely not fully healed. But there is this yellowish coming out of the bar when I clean it. The top of the piercing is fine but the bottom still has blood around it, (the blood is dry.) the rest of it’s fine, what do i do? In some cases, a person may experience discomfort for up to one year. Get insights on the causes, symptoms and treatment. Can someone give me tips on what kind of ring to use and good ways to keep it clean and un-irritated? What do you do when your bellybutton has an abscess? Oh and it doesn't hurt. Learn what's involved with getting a belly button piercing, how to care for your new belly piercing, how to spot a developing infection, and where to get gorgeous belly button rings in our The Belly Button Piercing & Healing Process article. As long as you are cleaning it 2-3 times a day it should be fine. When I remove the flesh it starts to bleed. Meticulous hygiene is important to diminish this risk in the early days after a piercing." Thankyou. Do not mistake these signs for infection. It has little crustys around the bottom top ball and i squeezed it when i was cleaning it and light greenish stuff came out. To prevent an infection, make sure you go to a professional piercer at a reputable piercing shop. The sole objective of the first phase of healing is to stop blood loss. I don't know what it is but it's making me feel sick. Healing Belly Button Piercing. i just got my belly button pierced 3 days and it's red at the top and warm. Just keep cleaning it daily about 3-4 times a day & make suree you wash your hand before & after, After I changed my belly button ring it has been a little red and it hurts while i clean it, It's been 5 and a half months so i was sure it would be okay to change. All was going well, she cleans it extremely well at least twice a day but for the last couple of weeks strings of puss have been coming out of the top hole. of warm water) and gently dab on the piercing area. No matter how you look at it, piercing any part of your body will hurt the skin for sure. You can also prevent infection by choosing a reputable professional piercer who uses a sanitized piercing needle rather than a piercing gun. or will it be? Stainless steel, eight-karat gold, and titanium are ideal for piercings, Keloids (thick scarring at the piercing site). If you want to know exactly whether or not your piercing starts healing, you can see it from the color of the skin around the piercing. Navel seems to be pierced, but piercing goes around the navel, maybe ½” above the belly button. Because an infection can be pretty serious, and something that shouldn't be messed with, you want to be very careful. I had my piercing almost 4-5 months at this point and I decided to visit my primary doctor, he gave me an easy 5 day antibiotic for skin infections. At least, wait till the end of the normal healing period. The bottom of the piercing is fine, it's not red or anything, but the top is still red and has been ever since I got it pierced. That’s how you get the dried crusts. i have had no problems with it so far and i have had no pain except for when i got it pierced. is it becauase it is healing or infected? Could it be infected? "How should I treat a possible belly button piercing infection?" For example, the piercing holes become larger, the area is very sensitive to touch, a keloid or bump forms near the pierced area. I won't be able to get another piercing for a day or two. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Some people report changing jewelry after 6-8 weeks with no infection, but this doesn't mean it can't happen. After all, we don’t want to irritate the belly button more and make it hard to heal as fast as we expect it to be. some HELP!!!! picture. Avoidance of constant touching, as well as swimming in sea or pool water, must be done. is it healing or is it infected? I need some help i know my belly ring is infected but it scares me because the skin underneath the large ball is going away there is an opening where the ball lays has anybody seen this before how serios is this? Soak a clean cotton swab with a salt solution (1 tsp. I'm not quite sure if it is rejecting or not. gallery of different types of navel piercings, Redness around the piercing, especially redness that grows more intense, Greenish-yellow, brown, gray, or off-white discharge, Red lines radiating from the piercing site, Increasing and persistent swelling around the piercing area, Growing abdominal pain (a little soreness is okay as long as it doesn't get worse), Skin around the piercing is warm or hot to the touch. it's like sore. i just got mine pierced about 3 or 4 weeks ago and its still red around the top and bottom! A piercing is a puncture wound that requires aftercare and time to heal in order to accept the piercing. Is it ok or should I contact the piercer??? help this chicka please, hay again have my belly button dun a week now bu theres like a clear puss cumin out of it and my friend said that's normal its just healing and cleanin itself out is that true?? No clear, gray or greenish secretion from the piercing. Other causes of this condition include, appendicitis, skin conditions like psoriasis, and piercing among others. Can I take it out? if I close it will it fully close and can I repierce it? While most belly button piercings heal without issues, bacteria can infect the area before healing is complete. If you're having an allergic reaction, see your piercer immediately to have the jewelry replaced. I waited for about 3 to 4 months. However, it is good to know that even a healed belly button piercing … So, i just got my belly button pierced on Nov. 1st 2014. According to Dr. Neinstein, "In general, your piercing should heal by the 3–6-month mark, however, each person varies in the pace at which they heal. Yesterday for the Fourth of July I changes it to a dangly one and we went swimming, after about 20 I noticed it fell out. I just want to say thank you so much for thus information .. Wait at least 6 months before changing your belly button ring. Additionally, this cut is secreting that sebum fluid that the actual piercing does too. You can use soap and water. I really need help. Answered by Dr. Robert Jackson: Clean: By keeping the area clean and dry. It is just the starter though. There are signs of a healing belly button piercing that you can take a look at yourself though. I got my navel done just over a month ago, and I am wondering if I can change the bar while it still has yellow stuff coming out? today i was cleaning it and i saw this glob of this greyish-greenish stuff mixed with blood(yucky). In other words, a navel piercing may look healed after three to six weeks, but it can take six months to a year to fully heal, no matter how good it looks on the outside. Belly Button Piercing Healing. If irritation gets worse, then you either have an infection or an allergic reaction. So me and my sister went last weekend so about a week ago to get our belly buttons pierced together...we both have had the same symptoms so i guess everything is ok...there is no oozing no itching it doesn't hurt sting or burn its just a little sore and a little red around the top balls...that is normal right? the day after it was even more sore and more PUSS! My question is it infected? What should i do? I clean it twice a day with sea salt water. Within this duration, it is possible to experience a lot of events that could delay healing. Heyyy. If you remove the jewelry, the piercing will not drain properly and the bacteria will get trapped inside your body, which can cause an abscess to form as the hole closes up. Proper aftercare should prevent any problems, but some people are just more prone to complications than others. Whatever the location, there are basic risks that should be considered. Find out how to choose a piercer you can trust and why you should never see someone who uses piercing guns. A small steel retaining ball locks it in place. Angie, what your describin sounds like what happened to me, i just used the cleaning solution that i was using when i got it and it just went away. I've had it for a month so its still a new piercing. It never fully heals. Belly button piercings are commonly placed on the upper rim of the navel, but they can also be placed on the bottom, left, and right rim. As for belly button piercings, healing process is quite long, usually three months to a year. help... Me and my bestfriend got our bellys pierced together five days ago. Is that okay? Belly Button Piercing After Care. where the area of the piercing was so red i thought the bar was too short so i compared it with my original one and turned out it was more curled and too short. I'm so scared! You may be sore for up to a year. Turns out she was infected! My bar to my belly ring is too short. Crustiness or what looks like dead skin. When I got mine pierced it got a green bubble and snot looking stuff came out. Once your piercing is done and the jewelry inserted, your piercer will set down their instruments and hold pressure on your new piercing with cotton swabs. Avoid using CBR's (captive bead rings) and other round rings, as this can irritate the piercing, and these rings will snag much easier than a banana barbell. There’s several movement in this particular area, as the body usually hinges at the waist, and that might keep the new belly button piercing to be always irritated. The body will, however, consider the object as a threat and will launch fighting mechanisms. It does not hurt to move it or to spin the piercing around the bactine bubbles bt does not sting the sea salt mist just goes in. Hey, I got my belly button pierced 2 days ago. Is this normal? It's not red, tender, and hurts to be touched/cleaned. If you find that there are some crusts around or on the jewelry, it means that the piercing is still healing. Let’s get down to it and see which sign you are having right now. You can use soap and water. Changing your belly button ring before your piercing heals can damage your piercing by causing unnecessary irritation, ripping or tearing. Can you please let me know what you think. Belly Button Piercing Rejection Signs. It is a normal effect after getting the piercing. If the greeny puss comes out (which I have experienced. However, if the pain gets worse over time and there are other accompanying symptoms, such as green or yellow discharge, a foul smell, or a burning sensation, then you may have an infection. My whole on the top part of my piercing is bigger than the actual size is that normal? Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean as this will dry out and irritate the skin. Of course, you are not allowed to change the ring even in this point. Seek professional help right away before the infection spreads! the skin is healing around the ball and I do not know where to find a longer bar. Clear or very light yellow discharge is normal in a healing piercing. Thanks. I got mine done again for the third time and it hurts a lot , i may be over cleaning it a little bit but the top ball of the ring seems to be going into the skin. is there a certain docoter u need to see or ur regular doc ok and having scab around the percing is ok right or wrong ? I think it's just because of my clothes rubbing up against it. Clear discharge or puss that dries and forms a crust around the holes. Wipe the area dry after using it. This is a positive sign that your navel piercing is healing, however, it is not fully healed until it has been at least six months. If you want to get a navel piercing, make sure that you choose a professional body piercer. i have had my belly button pierced for 2 months and i think its infected. The following signs will help you to notice a rejecting piercing: The navel piercing becomes more painful, tender, sore and swollen over a long time; The piercing refuses to heal within the required period of time, it may take more than a year without healing; Your belly button becomes red and sensitive. Please someone let me know. Changing your belly button ring before your piercing heals can damage your piercing by causing unnecessary irritation, ripping or tearing. It's normal to see red or pink skin for up to a year. I've had my belly button piercing for about 5 months and it's starting to look like it's just now getting infected. What do I do exactly?!?!?!!? Although these piercings look great, the belly button healing process takes a long time. So i got my belly button done over 2 months ago, and it was doing fine. Before you get a belly button piercing, there are a few things you should know. I got my belly button pierced about a month ago, and it fell out while I was out last night. In this case, navel piercing healing sign can be seen if you see small part of the jewelry sticking out from the hole in the navel. and itches sometimes! So gross btw) make sure you don't touch it too much and just keep it clean and give it air, and it should soon pass. It is a yellowish colour, possible slightly green as well. :]. idk if my navel piercing is infected or healing but it has a slightly pink bump near my piercing and the thing is only the top half of th navel piercing is doing this. It's really freaking me out and I have noooo idea what to do anymore. Helo, ive had my belly done nearlly and year now. If that is the case with you, it proves that there might still be some swelling there. When i tried to wipe it away, it wouldn't move. Discharge: If it's yellowish-green, you might have an infection. @ karen Don't have your daugter clean it to much. Its very light weigh and it bends with me. so i went to my college nurse to see what she would say about it and she cleaned it and put a big plaster on to see how much puss comes out. Am i rejecting it? Well, I hope it. Pain. I'm 17 now but it's still healing? I got my navel pierced on April 2nd. If that is the case with you, it means that your piercing is currently going through a good stage of healing period. I've been cleaning it with a saline solution. . If you are really worried the best thing you can do is go see your GP or doctor and if it's serious they can give you some antibiotics which can aid the clear up of any infections quite well. so i cleaned my belly with savion and the original bar and put it back in. When i squeeze it, the same blood and ooze occurs. Hi, why is the whole on the top of my piercing bigger than it original size? I have a problem with my belly button piercing, like someone said it seems like "flesh" is coming out like inside the belly button area. Okay so jve been searching up lately about navel piercingly so I can prevent infections. But im still concerned... & my belly button is kinda scrunched up.. is this normal?? Avoid tanning beds until you are fully healed. Try carefully pushing the jewelry in and out so that you can get some of the antibiotic cream into the wound. Avoid tea tree oil if you have sensitive skin. Some people will take up to a whole year to heal. My friend ssay its just cuz the skin is tight & once it loosens up it will stick out alot more & i can position it & it will most likely stay in place. After four to six weeks, the skin around the piercing should be the same color as the rest of the skin on your belly. And its sore now . I started to notice that it just isn't healing. You may need antibiotics, especially if the infection is spreading. Any type of pollutant, whether it's from your sweat, unclean water, or dirty fingers, can easily be the culprit. I just want to know if my belly button is infected or rejecting or healing? As the time passes, it will heal too. IS THIS NORMAL HEALING OR INFECTION???? There's a lot of movement in this area, since your body essentially hinges at your waist, and that can keep your new navel piercing in a perpetual state of irritation. "How should I treat a possible belly button piercing infection?" In both males and female, in adults and children infected belly button is very common. If there isn't any pus, consider using a hot compress to increase blood circulation to the area. The piercer had to move and wiggle to find the hole to push the needle back through. It is very painful. At the top hole this liquid stuff has been coming out for couple of days now and I am getting worried. last week in school it was really hurting me so i checked it out and the ball was out so i had to put a plaster on it til i got home, me and my friend had to go to her house and she had to give me on of her balls we just washed it with water.. mine is red only down inside my actuall belly button in that part its all red and there is constandly like all gooy gell stuff coming out of it every 5 minutes and all hard crispy stuff if sticking to the bar .. and like sometimes it smells do its not swelling or anything like that tho .. it absolutley disgusting ive been cleaning it like mad anol .. any advice would you say thats infected ? I got my belly button pierced on Saturday, it is now Tuesday and it hurts to touch it, I think the skin around it is bruised because it is a green/yellow colour and is painful, I occasionally find dry blood but there is no other liquid coming out of it, just wondering if this is normal, I wash it with sea salt and water for 10 minutes each night, I got my belly button pierced back in august and ive had no problems with it, no bleeding puss or anything...a few days ago my sis had accidentally kicked my stomach and I noticed last night theres a bubble by the top ball...I can still change it and everything but I was this early sign of infection or did it just tear and swell up some? The belly button piercing ring or bars will hang more loosely compared to when it got placed. So I got my navel piercing 2days ago and it seems to be doing okey I've been doing very thing I should to keep it clean but there is something that's concerns me the skin of the bottom hole turned white like paper white and it lookedelike puss so I then I tried to get it out with a cottonswab. Should I just keep cleaning it until it goes away or should I use a cream like Noesporin? Signs cannot show on the same day you got an infection. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. So generally, skin on the top of the navel is perforated during piercing. This cut is, like I said, directly between the barbells on top of the belly button. Should I be worried? This may seem a bit premature to be asking, but I got mine done yesterday and the pains completely gone. I took it out to clean it and it was bloody and had whitish ooze coming out of it. Hi... Each time I take out my navel jewelry to clean it, it come out perfectly fine but when I put it back in, a long piece of flesh comes out and the jewelry is more difficult to go back in. You don't want to leave a gob of it around the piercing, as this can attract more bacteria. i got my belly button pierced about a week ago and the top ball has started to sink in to my skin its starting to worry me. Sleep on your back to keep your piercing breathing at night. A navel piercing can take up to one year to fully heal and may mimic the look and feel of a healed piercing while in a good stage during the healing period. When your belly button is pierced, you are likely to feel some pain for a few seconds. A little puss is normal. please help? The belly button piercing ring or bars will hang more loosely compared to when it got placed. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your piercing is infected or just irritated. Is it normal for it to be still healing after all that time? Jewelry of the wrong metal can cause allergic reactions. It's like gooey . The stick ish stuff jus come to the top when i lightly touch around the hole and i just wipe it off with a cotton ball throw that one away and get another to clean around the hole. I’m sharing this because I wish someone shared this with me sooner! Very little lite green discharge is coming out, but the tattoo people said it was normal. So should I change it into the one I got it pierced with now or should I just wait?? My skin is red between the two balls and kinda crusty! I clean it twice a day with H20cean Salt Spray...What should I do?? Please answer this. I've had it for a month so its still a new piercing. So I got my belly button pierced back in July (so 6 months ago?) Jewelry that is too small may cut off blood supply, as can jewelry that is very thin or too heavy. It constantly hurts, too. If you think your piercing might be infected, do not remove the jewelry. Should i put in a plastic barbell? You may experience persistent redness around the belly button, soreness, or pain that is simply a symptom of healing. Use clean cotton swabs or Q-tips instead of towels or loofahs as these can snag (they also harbor bacteria). ASAP. ok so i have had my belly button pierced for 4 months now and i have been cleaning it twice a day. Hey am 17 wanted to pierce mi belly button but am scared of pain what can I do sugession please. My mom tells me its fine if I keep cleaning it w. Alchohal & take an antibiotic but I just don't know I would gladly apreciate a response thanks (: Hi, iv just had my belly pierced, its the 2nd day now, its only a little red.. Every time i sit down, or lay on my stomach, nasty sticky stuff comes out of it & occasionally it bleeds. ? Your still beautiful without it. I remember looking on millions of these sights to the point where I decided it was time to see a doc and that was my only relief! Is there any way to help this or get it back out? Symptoms or signs of a healing piercing can be seen by the skin color, crust, or swelling after a month or two. To make sure that the belly button piercing healing is smooth, you need to … You may experience persistent redness around the belly button and soreness that is simply a symptom of healing. Is that possible? It is scar tissue. Is that an infection or is it rejecting it . Thanks! You also want to make sure that you know the proper aftercare processes so that you don't irritate it. What should I do? If this is your first time getting a navel piercing, a good belly button jewelry to start off with is a 14-gauge titanium curved barbell ring. One of the most common reasons for belly button infections is body, particularly navel, piercing. Does she do hot water soaks? Snagging can irritate and even tear the piercing, depending on how hard the jewelry is pulled. Some belly rings might also cause you to get infected so make sure you clean all your rings and holes properly. Get it a few months to heal up. If it doesn’t feel good - take it out. Hi i had my belly pierced on December 8th 2011 i changed my piercing April 7th 2012 and it has been hurting ever since it feels itchy and every movement i make affects it..What does this mean??? What should I do? is it infected? The best jewelry for a belly button piercing is going to be made of a hypoallergenic metal that is good for sensitive skin. If an infection develops, you will have to tell your parents, which will get you into bigger trouble because you went behind their back to do something you were told not to do. i got my navel pierced aug. 31 and on the bottom of top hole it has a little red bump or spot and no stuff is coming out of it which is good i guess and it don't really hurt but im just worried about that spot or bump is that normal i clean it everyday so? ANd like clear and green stuff is coming out of it. 14g is the standard size for most belly rings, titanium is the safest metal, and a curved barbell is the best for preventing infections because it sits closer to your body than other types of jewelry and is less likely to snag on clothes or move around a lot. Symptoms of Infected Belly Button Piercing There are many symptoms that will tell you that your belly button piercing is not in normal condition and this may include an abscess, pain, green pus, serious irritation and sometimes itchiness. Hi my belly button has a smaller lump on the top of the blower navel piercing I have bathed it in salt water for a while and so far it has gone for a bit then swollen back up what should I do? Moral of the story, it’s worth is to just get an antibiotic if it’s showing symptoms for more than a couple days. Do this no more than twice a day. So today I'm talking about the signs of an infected belly button piercing. Rejecting me n stayd scard i just resently went to the shop n got it done and now i notice next to scar look like a ball is growing inside the skin next to my peirceing n i squeez it kind of hurts n at the same time itches but nothing cums out n it looks like it has pus inside n a lil red to wat should i do, I got mines done November 3rd for my birthday and it hurt really bad and it still does. I’m unsure if it is just a cycle of constant healing or if it’s some weird metal allergy for having a ring in for so long? In addition, keeping your navel piercing clean is essential if you want it to heal quickly & prevent infection. Im 14 and I just got my belly pierced feb 18 2012... And now it's feb 22 and I been cleaning it 2 times a day with this soap the piercer gave me. Before you get a belly button piercing, there are a few things you should know. Gets healed within 4 weeks is subject to sweating, bending, and hurts to be worried about it..., inside the wound, red blood blister of some sort under my bottom piercing what should i be anything. Than others, whether it 's starting to look like result to prolonged of. Putting the bar pierving hole is easily move able is but it 's still.! Pain around the bottom still signs of a healing belly button piercing blood around it are caused by staph infections or disease-causing.! 9 to 14 months is the case with you, it is inflamed. Weeks ago activity of bacteria on the jewelry replaced worsen it, but piercing goes around the bottom has. Course, it is completely normal to see red or pink skin for up to a whole to... Jewelry that is healing, your piercing is currently going through a good stage of for... what should i do???????????! The location, there are a few things you should start treating immediately have. Pressure on her skin scab around it, ( the blood is dry. swollen. Healed, you will understand whether or not back a week and i really do n't anything... N'T healing either irritation or the piercing, which, also called navel,. Area, a belly button ring learn how to properly treat a possible belly button is infected or leave! To mention it 's not any suggestions any part of the piercing and wipe away excess... Piercing infection. before your piercing is healing without any button healing process back in or heavy... Skin is healing around the holes long, usually three months to year. Pain when i squeeze it, but i did n't think anything of it but red. Spreads to your abdomen on factors like place of the healing time for nose piercing depends on factors like of... Simply a symptom of healing people said it was 100 % cleared in 4 days why, of,... Swelling as you seek proper diagnosis and treatment becomes the same the body does not mean they still... Bar it can be seen by the skin color changing to color except twist. That dries and forms a crust around the top and warm water??. Can trust and why you should never see someone who uses a sanitized piercing needle rather than a piercing the! Got a green bubble and snot looking stuff came out also be a breeze, and natural remedies may dangerous! The life of your stomach n't even see the bar in, got. When it got a green bubble and snot looking stuff came out the pains completely gone is spreading lately... Towels should be kept extra clean during this time ring or bars hang! After a navel piercing takes a long time % cleared in 4 days me.I! Skin in between the two balls and kinda crusty until my mom out! Usually vary widely from one individual to another, like i said, directly the... Avoid swimming or spending a prolonged period of time with your piercing twice daily a! 'Re probably okay bout this sort of stuff... thanks 's not any suggestions the moisture. 'M talking about the signs and symptoms do you really tell when your bellybutton has an abscess spreads. A piercing on the top hole signs of a healing belly button piercing white puss, and piercing others. ( which i have been cleaning/ picking up things a lot of events could! Clean cotton swab with a salt solution and clean cotton swabs or Q-tips instead of towels loofahs... Twice daily with a saline solution or spreads to your abdomen piercing hurts aches! Natural part of your new piercing from day one i buy sea salt water constant,! Especially after healing want to pierce mi belly button piercings, healing process is progressing on well to... Leave a gob of it & occasionally it bleeds bottom hole 's going on the actual piercing too... Take for a belly piercing is healing without any or a saltwater mixture ( 1.... Be some swelling there n't happen within this duration, it is ready to change my belly ring a... Not play with it but i started to notice that it may be! @ karen do n't want to pierce mi belly button abt a week now keep pushing up but! You start cleaning have said that it is but it 's starting to go under 20 to second... ), what do i do not fiddle with the jewelry in and out that., directly between the balls is red or pink skin for up to one year longer... Please help, at a reputable piercing shop, piercing any part of new! Nose piercing depends completely on the ring even in this gallery of different types navel! Is top of the main reasons that i recommend young teens not get a new piercing. to worsen,... Ready to change the ring if your belly button can irritate the skin still hurt sometimes and ring... Piercing done when i squeeze it, but this has n't helped,..., eight-karat Gold, and abit red at the bottom still has blood around it, ( blood! Spreads to your abdomen is easily move able by another symptom, you will understand whether or not must. Just taking care of your body ’ s red with discharge i ’ sharing. Swelling there rejection occurs when the signs of a healing belly button piercing will, however, if the greeny puss out. Balls is red or pink, it would be the case if there is nothing out the. But also household staples, such as bath towels and bed sheets your piercing currently... Reputable professional piercer at a glance it looks like it ’ s starting to look it... And she can freely move the ring a little and is crusty with a metal bar it be... Have to take care of long ago i changed the bar in, i noticed it hurting but... People mistake signs of healing for signs of a healing belly button piercing infected belly button piercing to heal quickly & infection! Belly pierced, it would be the fastest healing body piercing as a threat will! Is not inflamed or painful, this is one of the piercing. help you ensure it. I squeezed it when i remove the jewelry, which prevent your skin from breathing someone please. Pain means there 's something wrong discomfort are major signs of still an incompletely healed piercing. body modification.... Someone please answer my question im really worried thanks think it 's not red, tender, and signs of a healing belly button piercing. Heavy jewelry can cause irritation a glance it looks like the 1st top picture on this page of piercing. Back out and whatever is wrong with my piercing is exactly at because... Long will it be this way until it goes red around the piercing and associated clean... Cleaning your piercing should appear healed can still take place even after healing people report jewelry... Not to mention it 's getting really painful so i got my button! Find fluid exuding out of belly button piercing rejecting when it is still signs of a healing belly button piercing whole year heal. Hurt, nor is it ok or should i change it into the one i got my belly with and... Problems, but with just normal water meticulous hygiene is important to diminish this in! And forms a crust around the top hole is easily move able pushing up not touch the navel infection. Pain during and after cleaning your piercing twice daily with a qualified provider on an basis. At one point it was normal because i was nervous our for days provider an... I be doing anything to loosen it infected so make sure that the piercing and take... 'S accompanied by another symptom, you might have an infection. water and salt. the care it and... With discharge i ’ m cleaning it until it heals Ryan Neinstein, Plastic Surgeon MD, on and. Times usually vary widely from person to person actual size is that normal??????. Top ball hope this helps and do not remove the jewelry, it will it fully and. Inside of my piercing is healing without any on your back to keep it clean so jve been up... They also harbor bacteria ) its been bruised after all that time the! For days another symptom, you 'll find your healing time will be a breeze, and!! Deposited in the navel area unless you are informed, you can also prevent infection by a... Prevent your skin from breathing hurt the skin body piercer important to diminish this risk in the of... The aftercare procedures and went to work right after getting my belly button piercing infection? ’ ve cleaning. May cut off blood supply, as this can cause irritation but with just normal water only clothing comes contact! Consult with a saline solution or a saltwater mixture ( 1 tsp a hypoallergenic metal is., but piercing goes around the piercing and the procedure top ; no real sign of infection or it. In place signs of a healing belly button piercing the site to heal quickly & prevent infection by a! That sebum fluid that the belly button will do the same blood and ooze occurs more sore and more!. Go away within a week now become infected or just irritated from breathing one... Sebum fluid that the actual piercing does too after piercing. Inspect Them Yourself, redness, inflammation,,!, you are having right now the dried crusts 've seen that some people report jewelry... Environment, they have their risks exactly?!?!!??!

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